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Amy's Endorsements

Local Elected Officials

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"Having served our community for 24 years, I can confidently say that Amy Paschal is the right person to carry forward the legacy of District 18 at the Capitol. Amy is a true doer, working tirelessly behind the scenes to get things done in service of her community. I have no doubt she will continue the strong Democratic tradition we've built here."

Marc Snyder

Incumbent, State House District 18 Representative

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"I'm thrilled to endorse Amy Paschal for House District 18. Amy's unwavering dedication to our community shines through in her tireless work and her readiness to step up whenever the community needs her. I eagerly anticipate her joining our House delegation to collaborate on achieving positive outcomes for the people of El Paso County. Together, we can accomplish great things."

Stephanie Vigil

State House District 16 Representative


Michelle Talarico

Colorado Springs City Council Member District 3


Yolanda Avila

Colorado Springs City Council Member District 4


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